Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pirate Day

Last weekend we attended Pirate Day at the library. After waiting in line for about 40 minutes Ava refused to ride through the parking lot on the pirate ship. She did finally consent to standing in front of it for a picture. This is the same pirate that Ava has met before at Depot Days named Captain Huck. You can read about him here - Captain Huck She was very skittish of him. I am starting to think maybe she just finds pirates scary because a couple of days ago at the puppet show they had some pirate puppets and Ava tried to hide behind me because she was scared. Good thing she wasn't this skittish when we were at Disney World!

Ava's name and Harrison's name
Excited to see her first glimpse of the pirates

Princess Ava

One day Ava spent part of the morning dressed as Snow White. She rolled out of bed and wanted to dress up, ratty hair and all!