Friday, March 07, 2014

Sledding Adventures and Snow Day fun

5 snow days this week from an ice storm that happened on Sunday. Wow. Honestly, I can never remember the roads being so dangerous for so long. I don't think anyone was expecting the amount of sleet we actually got (6 inches) topped with an inch of snow. That just makes ice!

But, it was sure fun to go sledding in with the neighbors (one of whom is a classmate of Ava's)! We had such a great time sledding. I hadn't been sledding in about 25 years and neither of the kids have. We usually get such little snow that a sled would be useless. Not this time! So much fun, but so much soreness the next day!

Harrison was the first to want to go in. I guess all that butt sliding led to pants full of snow and his booty was frozen and done. Ava stayed for a while longer, but this momma made her come in after about an hour of sledding fun. Hot cocoa was waiting to warm these babies up!

Her first time on the sled and then she was hooked!

Harrison's first time

Then we discovered this bigger hill that you didn't even need a sled can see Harrison just rode down on his butt!

While Ava chose to go down on her belly...

Then Mommy and Harrison...let me tell you, this hill was no joke! You seriously got airborne on it and fast! Like a roller coaster. My heart couldn't take it!

Love this little dog. I follow him on instagram. His name is actually Tuna. He is so cutely funny looking!

Tuckered out after sledding and in great need of a haircut.

Daddy brought in this huge icicle.

Poor Scout wants out in the snow soooooo badly. He loves the snow and wants to run free in it!

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Girl Scout Mall PJ Party

On Saturday night our Girl Scouts had a Mall PJ Party. At closing time, 82 Girl Scouts from Dyer County took over the mall until midnight, and I have to say that it was a blast! Our Troop was paired with another troop of brownies/daisies and we rotated to various activities around the mall.

The favorite activity of the night seemed to be karaoke followed by painting. However, the girls had a blast at all of the activities. It was so much fun to watch our troop bond and make memories.

I for one was glad it was only until midnight, because at 11:05, I was ready to call it a night! :)
I was afraid she was exhausted after a day of softball, but she perked up.

Our troop sporting the Girl Scout sign

Mom and daughter selfie

Making swaps

Karaoke to One Direction - Beautiful

I swear, Ava was the whitest white girl with her dancing. It was FREAKING HILARIOUS! Like Napoleon Dynamite... so funny!

She found a friend who had matching pj's. Look familiar, Grammy?

Getting her hair painted

Some pink, some blue, and some green

The two troops

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is such a fun day to me. I didn't care for it much before I had kids, but now I love seeing their Valentines and the fun that they have. We have the same dinner every year of delicious pasta and then just enjoy some family time at home. Just a nice way of making memories with our littles.

Where Valentine's Day threw up all over Wal-Mart

At our Girl Scout meeting the girls played a game moving conversation hearts using chopsticks. Ava is really good at using chopsticks!

Books from Nana and Pop

Chopsticks made us think of Chinese food, so since Daddy and and Pop were out of town, we took Nana out for Chinese! Yum!

He also loves using chopsticks

Cute gifts for our teachers.

My sweet boy on Valentine's Day

Sweet girl with her Valentine mailbox and wearing a crown for "hat" day at school.

Fancy dinner requires sparkling grape juice

Every year we enjoy a delicious pasta dish on Valentine's Day

Ava set up this craft table to go along with our dinner


Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Cold, cold, cold... Dang you, Polar Vortex!

I'm over winter. So very over winter.... It seems that every first of the month has been accompanied by some nasty icy weather, and March was no different.

I'm tired of seeing these read warnings on the weather page! On the bright side, it means lots of time with the kiddos. On the down side, it means lots of school make up days!

Scout would hang out in the snow all day if he could!