Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is such a fun day to me. I didn't care for it much before I had kids, but now I love seeing their Valentines and the fun that they have. We have the same dinner every year of delicious pasta and then just enjoy some family time at home. Just a nice way of making memories with our littles.

Where Valentine's Day threw up all over Wal-Mart

At our Girl Scout meeting the girls played a game moving conversation hearts using chopsticks. Ava is really good at using chopsticks!

Books from Nana and Pop

Chopsticks made us think of Chinese food, so since Daddy and and Pop were out of town, we took Nana out for Chinese! Yum!

He also loves using chopsticks

Cute gifts for our teachers.

My sweet boy on Valentine's Day

Sweet girl with her Valentine mailbox and wearing a crown for "hat" day at school.

Fancy dinner requires sparkling grape juice

Every year we enjoy a delicious pasta dish on Valentine's Day

Ava set up this craft table to go along with our dinner


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