Friday, October 12, 2012

Depot Days 2012

It is no secret that I LOVE Depot Days. Every year I look forward to that weekend in September when everyone comes to Newbern and you get to hang out downtown and enjoy some games, food, and fun. This year was no exception and was one of the best Depot Days in a while.

Originally Ava and I were going to run in the Depot Days race but the night before we had a conversation that went like this:

Ava- "Mommy have you turned in our forms for the race yet?"

Me- "Not yet. I will turn them in in the morning."

Ava- "Good. That means we still have tonight to think about it..."

I took this as she was not that interested in running the race... So we slept in and didn't run!

We started off with the usual parade watching and then headed downtown.

Ava wanted to play darts and apparently so did Harrison because while the worker's back was turned, he nailed her with the dart! :( I wanted to disappear!

We bought tickets to the bouncy houses and they did a couple, cried on a couple, and had a good time overall.

Afterwards we brought home our loaded BBQ baked potatoes and chowed down!



Second Day of Fall Break

The kids and I headed to Reelfoot Lake. I told the kids we were going on a picnic and we packed some snacks and headed that way.
I think the drive over was one of the best parts. The kids chatted with each other and Ava gave lots of farming and crop tips to Harrison. At one point, Harrison said, "Ava, do you know what I want to be when I grow up? A Farmer!"
So sweet.

These photos were taken right before Harrison had a GRADE A MELTDOWN on a nature walk. Ava wanted to keep going and Harrison was "so scared his tummy hurt." We ended up making it to the end (which is the beach picture), but the walk back to the car was a solid 45 minute screaming and crying session. I guess there will be no nature walks in our near future!

Monday, October 08, 2012

First Day of Fall Break

Today was the first day of Fall Break and it was just a normal, lovely day.
Last night I had made this apple pecan praline bread and I started out my day with a slice of this little bit of heaven. :)
We stopped by Nana and Pop's on the way to the library and shared some of our bread and  then made it to the library in time for storytime.
Harrison found this while we were at the library and he was using a screwdriver as his sword. Makes me laugh!
I cooked a second batch of these yummy oatmeal cookies.
The kids played outside twice while I read.
Enjoying snacks at storytime.
And this was my little nap buddy for the day. ;)
Love me some fall break!