Saturday, February 09, 2013

Almost a month?

It has been almost a month since I blogged. Wow. I can't believe that I have been such a slacker. So far, the last month has flown by and I can't believe we are in the second month of 2013.

As excuses for not blogging, I have a few. I am coming down off some of the busiest, most stressful, and depressing three weeks at my new job. It has just been rough, but I am trudging through.

The kids have been in rare form lately with Ava being into some trouble at school (for talking) and we are now having to find a new babysitter for Harrison. Hello stress!

To add to my sad mood, we lost one of my dearest friends to cancer at the age of 48.

Needless to say, my nights have been spent being sleepy, eating way too much, and just being in a funk.

But on the bright side, we seem to be making some breakthroughs with the kids on them picking up. We have had some bitter battles, but they are slowly starting to realize that we are not backing down and they are starting to do more without complaining. Let me tell you people, it was rough! They just have too much stuff!

Also on the bright side is that we are getting more active and involved in our church and I am LOVING it. Even Bradley has taken a leadership role and is a trustee for the church. So glad to have found my church family.

Plus, I have this family of mine that even though I get frustrated and even though sometimes I seem to be at my wits end, I wouldn't trade them for anything. They are my sweets. :)