Wednesday, June 30, 2010

10 on Tuesday - Wednesday Edition

1. Had lots going on lately and not a lot of free time. Ava and Harrison have kept me busy, busy, busy.
2. We had a low key father's Day around here. Bradley slept in and then we had a lazy day. (Well, except for that photo session I threw in there. More on that later!)

3. I spent a total of about 10 hours at the movies yesterday. Ava and I met some friends at the $1 Summer movie (Ice Age) and then I met some friends for the marathon Twilight/New Moon and midnight Eclipse. It was lots of fun! (Ava and her friend, Lindsey. The funny note Bradley had made as I was leaving for the theatre. FYI- I am SOOOOO Team Jacob!)
4. Harrison has turned 7 months old. I finally did a 6 month session with him which I will share later.
5. Ava has been working on preschool skills using the computer. It is a great tool for her and gives her a little break from Harrison and keeps her occupied.

6. I have stayed really busy with photo sessions this summer so check out my photography blog if you haven't in a while.
7. We finally got a chance to go see Toy Story 3 and we all loved it. I cried twice- at the beginning and at the end!

8. The other night Ava was so exhausted that Bradley found her asleep on the floor of her room.

9. This weekend for the 4th we will be having some company. Grammy and Gramps are coming for a visit and Aunt Bethany is coming home.
10. Ava and Harrison have both read 53 books for the Summer Reading program! I am so happy that Ava is enjoying it!