Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Harrison's First 1st Birthday Cake

I never got around to posting these pictures of Harrison with his first 1st Birthday cake. He had this cake on the night of his actual birthday, November 24th. I had been anticipating this because I knew that unlike Ava, Harrison was for sure going to dig into his cake! Let's just say, he didn't disappoint. He loves cake and I was so happy that he smashed it even if his dad was upset that I let him stick his hand in it!

(Thanks to Aunt Bethany for taking all of these pictures except the last one!) :)
You can tell how bad he wants it here...


Ava has to copy whatever anyone is laughing at...

Here is when he realizes that it is not fun anymore and he is sleepy...

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Loving her books

One of Ava's favorite places to go is still the library. She doesn't love to pick out her books, but she loves to play while she is there and every once in a while she will spot a book and add to her pile. I pick out most of the books that we read from the library and try to get a nice assortment of books that I think she will enjoy. She loves anything Fancy Nancy, Olivia, or Pinkalicious. She is also great about trying to pick out something she thinks Harrison will enjoy. She loves to listen and then read the story back to you and you can definitely not get away with skipping pages. She double checks! I hope she continues to grow in her love for books as she starts to become a reader and I cannot wait to share some of my favorite chapter books with her when that time comes.
The title of this book is so fitting!
We took these using the remote. I know that I don't get into as many pics as I should with the babes!

The Best Toy in the House

Obviously the best toy in the house, other than a broom or a cord, is the Shop Vac. It is by far the thing that Harrison wants to play with the most. Never when it is on, but when it is off, it is the toy to beat all toys. He loves playing with this and you can usually find it hanging out in my craft room/mud room. Bradley made the comment once that he would love to keep his Shop Vac in the garage where it should go, but since it is pretty much a daily staple inside the house, I vetoed that. What does he expect with two children under age 5 who make such nice messes. Especially when the Shop Vac can double as a babysitter!