Thursday, June 13, 2013

Favorites Right Now

Just a few favorites right now for Ava and Harrison:

- movie - Hotel Transylvania and Dennis the Menace

- color - Ava - pink - Harrison - green

- song - Ava -Sonic the Hedgehog
              Harrison - The Rainbow Song (he learned in school)

food - Ava - popsicles, ice cream sandwiches, chocolate cake
        - Harrison - brownies and chocolate milk and pickles and broccoli

-books - Harrison - anything about dinosaurs, bugs, or tractors
          - Ava - princesses, Magic Treehouse, Berenstain Bears

Toys - Harrison - always has his baby monkey
        - Ava - her webkinz toys - a dachshund named Princess and a llama named     
           Tiffany Rogers

Shows - Harrison - Scooby Doo and Calliou
          - Ava - Woody Woodpecker, Sonic the Hedgehog (Netflix) :)

These photos were actually taken in April. :)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer Reading

Summer reading is in full swing! I have been reading and the kids have been reading and we are really enjoying it. I do most of my reading when they are busy doing other things and then we spend a lot of time reading together. Ava has been reading on the iPad quite a bit, but she has also read many, many books from the library. So far she has read about 85. So proud of how well she reads.

Highly recommend this one. It has definitely made me more thoughtful.

Pop reading to the wiggle worms.

The theme this year is "Dig Into Reading." I was the guest reader on this day and we read Diary of an Earthworm and then made dirt pie.

Ava reading her 75th book.

Ava reading to Harrison.

Ava has decided to be a vet when she grows up. As you can see, our books are all animal centered.

Monday, June 10, 2013


We have had a wonderful start to summer. So much fun, so many fights, so much snuggling. :)

Ava has started reading on the Kindle App on the ipad.

Coloring and making his cheese face

Ava and I did some snuggling and she was laughing and saying, "I can't quit talking!" :)

A walk complete with big puddles

Slumber Party

Sweet sleepers