Saturday, September 10, 2011

That Sweet Face/Harrison Sickie Update

This sweet little guy has been feeling so awful this week. He went to the doctor Thursday and started antibiotic for strep, but then yesterday when I got home from work, I could tell hi breathing was very labored and after 3 doses of antibiotics, he should have been feeling better. So I ran down to the drug store to pick up some tylenol and motrin (because he was still running fever) and asked the pharmacist what she thought. She told me what I had suspected, that we needed to call our pediatrician and let them know.

When I called, they told me to come right in. Sure enough, Harrion has developed croup. This is not the first time we have had croup, but usually they give us a breathing treatment and all is good. This croup however had settled in his throat and not his lungs. They went ahead and gave him a steroid shot and then sent us to the hospital for a oft tissue xray (to look at his throat).

The xray showed that his throat was swollen (not alarmingly so) and that his tonsils and adenoid were also swollen. This is something we will keep an eye on as we go through the winter. Last night he had a good night. He slept well and hopefully that steroid shot pushed him back into the get well range.

Thanks for all who have been thinking of us. I know we don't have serious illnesses, but sick little ones are no fun! :( I am just looking forward to seeing some of these sweet faces again. :)

Friday, September 09, 2011

Beautiful Weather

I am so glad that the heat has finally broke for a while and cooler temps are here. In the south the humidity is just killer and last week and the first part of the weekend were atrocious. I was so happy on Monday when we woke up to cooler weather and nice breezes (maybe a little too much breezes at times!). To celebrate what we hope is the beginning of cooler fall-like weather, the kids and I went outside a couple of times on Monday (Labor Day).

In fact, when we got outside the first time, Harrison shivered and said, "Oo, Cold!" It was a little chilly, but they had fun playing and getting some energy out. I dragged the camera out and took some pics (since I have been an epic failure at that lately!) and we just enjoyed some time outside.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

The Last Two Days

The last two days have consisted of two trips to the pediatrician. The first one was made yesterday when Bradley took Ava. Turns out she has a raging case of strep throat. Then last night before bed, Bradley randomly checks Harrison's temp. Low-grade fever. Yippee.

He woke up early this morning and I held him and gave him tylenol and he went back to sleep. I ended up staying home with both he and Ava and we once again made a trip to the doctor. His strep test was negative, but he was checked for a virus and was negative, so the doctor felt that his strep was just in such an early stage that it was not showing positive on the test.

So I now have two puny kids on antibiotics. :( Bradley and I both agree that we are super tired of being sick! I just want to have a few months of everybody being well with no sniffles, coughs, ear aches, or tummy troubles.

I took some time to download some pictures today. I haven't downloaded since Ava's birthday! What a slacker! It has just been so sweltering hot and of course, the sickies that have constantly invaded our house! Maybe we will be on the mend and the blog can get some updating every once in a while!