Saturday, June 29, 2013

Evansville Zoo

While in Indiana we of course went to the zoo. We always try to go on our summer visits.

As usual, it was boiling hot, but we still had a great time. Harrison had a one track mind for bugs on this visit and was crying because we couldn't find them. He was also VERY fond of the turtles and wanted to look at all of the different ones.

We did get to feed the giraffes which was fun. We left with a nice collection of toy bugs and frogs.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Baby Zaine

My brother, Nick, and his girlfriend Sara welcomed Zaine to the world last week. We got to meet the little guy While in KY. Such a happy, content little guy. The kids were smitten. :) So sweet and adorable.

Six Flags St. Louis

We had a great time taking the youth to JoyFest in St. Louis. Luckily it was a great day, however the concert was cancelled because if rain. Ava was a little trooper and she had a great time. We didn't ride many rides, but it was still fun!