Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Storytime with Nana

Last week Nana dropped by for a little visit. In true Ava fashion, Ava pulled out her library books to take advantage of some Nana story time. I decided to pull out the camera and take a few pictures and in true Harrison form, he decided to mug for the camera. You have to love that little cheese face.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Loving Summer

Here are a few random shots of our summer loves.

Playing with the new flower pots before Mommy plants her herbs in them. Anything remotely hat like goes on Harrison's head.
Playing outside after the rain. We didn't have electricity, so we went outside. After the rain a very dim rainbow came out.

We are taking advantage of the fresh blackberries we have found for sale. Harrison LOVES them.

After fighting with his tennis shoes over and over, I finally made it to the shoe store to buy him some crocs.

Ava loves doing "school work." As long as she is willing to learn, I am happy to spend time helping her.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cooling off on a hot night

For me, cool pops signify childhood summer days. My mom always had cool pops in the freezer and for me, they seem like a rite of passage on a hot summer day. The other night when Ava and Harrison were hot and sweaty and restless, I broke out the cool pops and they loved them. Bradley had the genius idea (yeah, I am married to the "smartest man in the world") to keep trimming down the package so it was easier to eat and it worked! Harrison and Ava both enjoyed theirs and I hope as summer goes on we have lots more cool pop opportunities.