Tuesday, October 05, 2010

My Preschooler

I haven't shared much about Ava and her school year so I thought I would do a quick summary of how her school year is going.

We just finished up the first 9 weeks of school and Ava is doing very well. Her teacher was out on maternity leave for the first several weeks, but she is now back and Ava seems to be adjusting well. Here are some things from the year so far.
  • For some reason Ava (and several other students) call their teacher Rhiannon instead of Mrs. Rhiannon. I have no idea why, but we have had some talks her about respect. Mrs. Rhiannon said she is having a tough year and that at least Ava knows her name! :)

  • Ava already has a nemesis at school. She and another little girl just do not mesh. Her teacher says it's because they are both such strong-willed little girls.

  • At parent-teacher conference, the only negative for Ava is following directions and listening. Typical...

  • On her first "report card," Ava has mastered all of the skills listed (shapes, colors, certain letters, body parts) with the exception of knowing her ankle and listening to directions.

  • Everyday Ava comes home with tons of papers she has worked on. Most are just random drawings of letters, people, flowers, and hearts.

  • She can write her first name correctly. (with a capital and two lowercase letters)

  • She loves it!
  • Here she is on the first day of preschool.

Here she is on October 1st.