Saturday, May 25, 2013

Last Day of School/Dermatologist Visit

The last day of school was rainy and nasty. With Harrison being sick, I didn't get to take my traditional Harrison and Ava pictures of the porch. :( We will have to do a redo soon. :)

I woke Ava up and believe it or not, she was so sad that it was the last day of school. She definitely doesn't want to leave her teacher and it has been such a great year.

We went to school and picked up her report card and then we headed to Jackson so that Ava could see the dermatologist about her molluscum. You can read about it here - Molluscum

The doctor went ahead and put some medicine on 60% of the ones on her trunk. It makes them blister and fall off. She will go back in July to have a recheck and treat more if needed. Bless her little heart, the  medicine going on is not painful, but after a couple of hours she said it felt like a bee stinging her.

While in Jackson we did a little shopping for some summertime crafts and reads and had a lunch at Olive Garden.

Then it was back home for us and ready to start summer!
Last morning as a first grader

Leaving School as a first grader

Waiting at the dermatologist

Her pick - Olive Garden

Wearing the Harry Potter Sorting Hat

Harrison's Turtle Poem

Harrison has learned so much in Mrs. Jeannie's preschool program. It has been so fun seeing him come home singing songs and reciting poems. Unfortunately, due to sickness, he wasn't able to attend the graduation program (which isn't a huge deal because he will still be there next year). However, I was hoping to get him performing on tape. And I also wanted to see him in that adorable graduation hat. :)

But alas, you will have to settle with this recitation of "I had a tiny turtle." :)

Friday, May 24, 2013

First Grade Wrap-Up

What will you miss about first grade? My teacher because I like her. (Ms. Renea Graves)
Who are your friends at school? Stormey, Jacob, and Abigail
Who did you play with? Stormey and sometimes Jacob
What is the best part of the school day? Recess, snack, and lunch (do we see a pattern here?) ;)
What is your favorite thing that you learned about? The Mother's Day presents
What food did you like to eat at lunch? hamburger/hot dog and some of the desert things
What is your favorite game to play at recess? Wild Kratts and Sonic the Hedgehog
What do you like about your teacher? She's fun
What are some fun things you did in class this year? Colored and made stuff and learned
What was fun about the first day of school? That we got a plain piece of paper and drew on it and I drew my teacher.
What was the best about the last day of school? Nothing except Field Day
What was your favorite thing to do in the classroom? Learn and do fun things
What will you remember most about first grade? My teacher
What are you looking forward to this summer? Swimming and seeing my teacher again
What are you looking forward to in 2nd grade? Liking my new teacher

Here is a link to the Kindergarten Wrap-Up from last year.

Sick much?

We have started out our summer with a bang or more like a bleh! Both kids have had stomach issues over the past week. Harrison's has been the worst. I even took him to the dr because I was so worried. The dr said he has a horrible stomach virus that lasts 7-10 days. Good grief! He is on the better side and feisty as always.

Now it's Ava's turn! She doesn't seem as bad as Harrison but we will see.

Bless their hearts! What a start to summer!