Friday, July 06, 2012

Kindergarten Wrap-Up with Ava

What will you miss about Kindergarten? Being with my teacher.
Who are your friends at school? Not everybody because some people don't want to be my friends sometimes.
Who did you play with? Mikayla, Savanna, April, and Abigail
What is the best part of the school day? Going outside
What is your favorite thing that you learned about? I Don't Know
What food did you like to eat at lunch? Pizza
What is your favorite game to play at recess? Princesses
What do you like about your teacher? When she lets us do free drawing.
What are some fun things you did in class this year? The Christmas singing
What was fun about the first day of school? Staying for a half day.
What was the best about the last day of school? Having the picnic on the floor with the brown paper.
What was your favorite thing to do in the classroom? Watching movies at the end of the day.
What will you remember most about kindergarten? Doing work.
What are you looking forward to this summer? Having play dates.
What are you looking forward to in 1st grade? Going outside.

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  1. Anonymous9:50 AM


    Congratulations on your NEW JOB!!!! I'm excited for you; as well as, proud of you! To a fantastic teacher and now supervisor!

    Love, Bethany


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