Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Fourth of July

Today was a pretty low key 4th of July. With the holiday falling in the middle of the week, we didn't have the usually family get-together that we have had the last couple of years. We just relaxed around the house for the first part of the day and then enjoyed supper with Pop. After dinner we went outside and the kids played with sparklers (Thanks, Pinterest, for the idea of wearing a cup over their hands to keep the sparks away!) Then we came inside and watched the fireworks on TV. Ava was disappointed that we didn't go see some in person, but with some ice cream and cookies, we were able to persuade her. ;) All in all, it was a nice, relaxing 4th and I enjoyed spending it with my babes.

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  1. Anonymous1:08 AM

    Thanks for the new entries to the blog, Tiffany!
    I missed being with all of you today, but the fourth being on Wednesday this year really made it hard for us to come home. Thanks for feeding Joe again! We didn't do any cooking today, but Bethany went and bought barbequed ribs for our dinner tonight, and Liam certainly seemed to approve! :) He ate a big dinner and then fell asleep in his highchair. Bethany had to wake him up to give him a bath before putting him to bed. It's almost midnight, so I'm off to bed.
    I enjoyed all the pictures, Tiffany, and I appreciate you posting them tonight, so I could at least get a peek at what you all did today! The idea for putting the kids' hands in cups to hold sparklers is a great one...Don't you just love Pinterest? I spend a lot of time just browsing on Pinterest, and then following the various blogs to see how they make things. It's really fun to see what some people are able to do, and how they decorate their homes. Very interesting!!!
    I love you all! Nana


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