Saturday, December 29, 2012

Snow Day

The day after Christmas we woke up to see what had fallen during the "blizzard." It was disappointing, but the kids were ready to go even in the lightest dusting of snow. So as soon as they rolled out of bed, we bundled up and headed out into the snow.

They were most excited to make snow angels, however, Scout had another idea and as soon as a kid was down, he was all over them. Scout LOVED the snow. He played outside most of the day and ate, ate, and ate snow. So much snow was consumed that he had constant accidents all day!

Glad we got to enjoy a snow even if it was a small one. :)

We couldn't find his new boots so he wore Ava's. Don't judge. :)

Snow Dog!

Don't mind me, I'm just going to steal your glove.

Ava is soooooo mad that Scout stole her glove.

He was gone with that glove!

The mess afterwards....

Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Morning/Day - 2012

In true childlike fashion, Ava awoke around 5 to get up for Santa. We kept her at bay until 7:15 and then it was on. :)
Bradley went to see if Santa had been here and then we got into position to take the first pictures. Everything moves so quickly on Christmas day and before we knew it, all the presents were opened and the kids were happily playing.
Christmas Day was a toss up for us. During the weekend they started predicting bad weather for Christmas night. Bradley and I went round and round with what we should do. On the one hand it would be sad not to get to see family on Christmas, but on the other hand, if the weather did get bad, we didn't want to risk being caught out on the road. That morning at 4 our weather radio began alerting about a "blizzard warning." We discussed it and the time it would take to drive and return trip. With the expected timeline for the winter storm, we decided not to risk it.
I know that our decision was not happily accepted by everyone, but in the end, we had to do what we thought was right for our family. For us, it was staying home and not risking getting caught up in a volatile situation.
This is the first Christmas that we stayed completely home (without even a trip to Nana and Pop's). It was just a low-key stay in pajamas day and the kids enjoyed playing with new toys as we eagerly awaited the "blizzard."

And here are the pictures I took on my cell phone on Christmas day. :)

Loing the Xbox.

Harrison is obsessed with his new tractor from Nana and Pop. :)

What we were supposed to get. :) 

Playing with Shrinky Dinks

Playing Disney Headbanz

Snuggled up watching Once Upon a Christmas

I want to always remember this outfit - Toy Story boots, Santa pj bottoms, Animal shirt from Santa, and his John Deere hat.

Having a sleepover in their new sleeping bags from Aunt Bethany. Something magical about tree lights.

Love that face!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Eve Traditions

Every year on Christmas Eve we have several traditions that we follow through with. First is the annual Christmas Eve service/Communion. I look forward to this every year. One of my favorite moments is singing Silent Night as each member of the congregation lights a candle. It is such a beautiful sight.

After dinner and presents with the Rogers family we do a few things before sending the kids to bed to await Santa. First of all, they look forward to Christmas Eve because after a long Christmas season, they finally get to touch their Elf on a Shelf. This year we added a girl elf to our family and Ava named her RoseMerry. As we got closer to Christmas Eve the kids would say stuff about waiting to touch the elf. So on Christmas Eve morning they both grabbed their elves and gave them lots of kisses and love.

No Christmas is complete with tracking Santa on the radar. It helps get the kids in bed when we see that he is getting closer and closer because no kid wants to miss Santa! We then prepare snacks and milk for Santa, his reindeer, and the Christmas mouse. This is one of Ava's favorite things to do.

Lastly, before bed, we leave our magic key on the door so that Santa will be able to come in since we don't have a chimney. He uses it and then leaves it beside his dishes to let us know that he is done.

All of these things are part of the fabric of my holiday season and I cherish each little tradition and hope they withstand the test of time.
We always leave cheese for the Christmas mouse even though Bradley says that is just for white trash people. ;)

Then at the end of a long day, I take a moment to pause and reflect on the true meaning of Christmas and how blessed I am. I am blessed beyond measure.