Friday, July 15, 2011

Hanging in this Year's TINY pool

This summer has flown by so fast. So fast that we never got the chance to get a "real" pool (and by real, I mean a plastic one with a slide). So, I grabbed this one at the Dollar Store just so the kids would have something to get in and cool off. Next year we will have to do better because this little thing is sad. Our bathtub is bigger! :) Both kids just have room to sit down.

Needless to say, they still LOVED it! It's not really big enough for them to swim around in at the same time, so they mostly run and jump (which gives me a heart attack each time and makes me yell at them to stop running and jumping in the pool!). But, they had a great time splashing around and it was fun to see them hanging out together and having fun, which is a little different from the fussing and fighting they have been up to lately.

Love this little series of pictures. He gets in and realizes it is cold and starts sucking his tummy in. Silly boy. :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Few Random Going Shots

Here are a few recent shots that I haven't blogged.

Ava enjoying Coke Floats one night last week. It was one of the things on our summer to-do list.

Harrison's lunch one day. He is such a finicky eater and I thought a muffin lunch would give him some variety to choose from. Ava loves having meals like this, but Harrison wasn't really impressed.

The clubhouse that Bradley and I made for them. This provided hours of enjoyment, unfortunately, it wasn't sturdy enough to withstand Captain Destructo!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The End of Swim Lessons

On the last day of swim lessons the culminating activity was going down the water slide. Ava was jazzed all week until it came time to actually slide. She ended up going down 3 times, but would hold onto the sides and just barely scoot down. Her teacher had told me that she would let Harrison go down too, so I had him ready in his swimmie and trucks. At the very end it was his turn. Once he realized what it was he had a freak out, and me being the excellent mother that I am, I pushed him on down. In my defense, I told them to catch him before he went under, because I did have the option of them letting him go all the way in. ;) He cried and cried, but not as much as Ava when I tried to get her to go down one last time!

The lessons ended up being a great success and Ava even went to a pool party and got in by herself (a definite improvement from last year).

Harrison preparing for his trip.
If you can, open this picture in a new window so you can see Harrison's face. Love it! :)

Super screaming mad boy. :(