Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sweet Talking

Over the past week, I have spent some time playing with my new phone and figuring out all the stuff I can do with it. I am excited because it takes pretty good video and then I can upload it directly to youtube. Harrison likes for me to take his picture and I even got him to let me take a video. So here he is doing his animal sounds and my favorite, "What do Mommies say?" That is answered with a sweet little "I love you" (even though you may have a hard time deciphering that, I can sooo tell what he is saying).

So please excuse the jumpiness of the handheld video, the grossness of Harrison's sticky face, and how annoying I sound on tape! Harrison likes to watch himself on camera. :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Depot Days - 2011

This past weekend was Newbern's annual Depot Days. This year we skipped the pancake breakfast and opted to just watch the "parade" and go tot he street fair. The annual parade of tractors was fun for Ava and Harrison, but Bradley and I were really disappointed. Ava did get some candy, so she was jazzed.

After watching the parade, we were really afraid that there wouldn't be much happening at the street fair, but we loaded up and headed downtown. There were quite a few people milling around and Ava started off by getting her face painted. We bought tickets to the inflatables, but only used 2 out of 6. Ava couldn't climb up the first one, but did do a big slide and a bouncy house. The kids also both road a small horse and that was a big hit. Harrison even rode.

Finally, no Depot Days is complete for us without a BBQ baked potato from Fast Mac's. They are scrumptious! We headed home with our food and Harrison passed out before lunch was over. :)

It may not look like much, but oh my! Deliciousness in a styrofoam dish! :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Just Ordinary Days

Other than having the sickies, there hasn't been a lot going on at our house lately. We have been busy getting back into the routine of school and all the stuff that comes along with the beginning of the year. Ava has started back up with dance and Harrison is terrorizing the girls at daycare. I have been busy with work stuff and finishing up my Masters. I am set to be done on the day before Harrison's birthday/Thanksgiving. I am so burnt out and ready to be done.

The weather for Fair Week was beautiful, but we never got a chance to take the kids. That marks the second year in a row we haven't made it. We have just been trying to get well again and get back into the swing! So here are a few shots that I haven't posted yet. Just of us on ordinary days.

Harrison loves hanging out in baskets.

When Ava was sick she wanted to do schoolwork so she worked out of her booklet.

Just hanging outside.

Ava sorted these leaves by size. That is a skill they have been working on at school and she has it down.

For "Green Day" at Ava's school we made green chocolate chip cookies. They were actually sugar cookies dyed green with chocolate chips added in.

The Bubble Guppies obsession continues.

This is what Saturday mornings look like.

Ava's prize out of the ttreasure box. She knows how to pick 'em!

The other afternoon I heard Harrison reading this book to himself. The only words I recognozed were llama and mama. But it was so stinking cute!