Monday, March 26, 2012

Upcoming Events at the Rogers' House

Here are some dates of upcoming events that we will be participating in. :)

March 31- Ava and Harrison are running the 1/2 mile race called the Reading Run (to raise money for the summer reading program).

April 1- Ava and I are in the Easter program at church (Ava also has a speaking line!).

April 6- Good Friday - 2nd performance of the play.

May 19 - Ava's dance recital! Followed by lunch at our house!

Spring is always super busy!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Day at the Zoo

On Saturday we loaded up the ol' minivan and headed to Memphis to the zoo. It rained on the way down, but we stuck with it and were rewarded with some beautiful weather. Unfortunately, it seemed as if everyone else had the same idea and headed for the zoo themselves! This time however, I concentrated on taking our time and not rushing even though I felt crowded (for the most part!).

Harrison was most excited about the dinosaurs and that was all he wanted to see, with the exception of the alligators (insert little boy growling sounds here!). Ava was excited for anything. We really had a blast. I took 226 pictures to prove it! We had such a good time!

Thanks to Pop for coming along with us! I will be posting more pics later this week. Here are a couple I took on my phone: