Saturday, May 28, 2011

Soccer Recap

We wrapped up spring soccer this past weekend after the dance recital. Ava had a season that was pretty much high at the beginning and then downhill after that. The first game she absolutely loved. She was all about it and even scored the first goal. After that game it was downhill. She only wanted to play goalie and when she had to actually run, she didn't even try to keep up with the pack. She made the comment several times that they were all better than her and she just kind of gave up. She lived for playing goalie though and she wasn't too bad. You had to yell when the ball was coming her way because she's not that great at paying attention, but she did a good job of stopping the ball (but once again, they are preschoolers, so it's not like the ball is speeding incredibly fast!). I never want to forget her picking flowers for the ref, playing Ring-Around-the-Rosie with Ellie in the middle of the field while the game was going on, or her face after she scored that first goal. She was definitely done with soccer when we finished, but was excited to get her team trophy. I don't know whether she will play again or not. If she wants to, we will. I just thought it was a great experience for her to be part of a team and to have fun!

Waiting for her trophy

Getting her trophy

As you can see, it was a hot, hot day!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Recap of Dance and the Dance Recital

This year Ava had a couple of friends that convinced us to let Ava do dance this year. I figured she would love it and it would be a great way to make new friends. She has struggled all year with paying attention and following along with the rest of the class. Her dance teacher, Mrs. Amber, said that she follows along when it suits her. Bradley and I had decided that we would just finish this year and then no more dance. It just wasn't worth it for us to pay all that money and then Ava not even make a real effort. However, something has come over her the last month or so and she is really trying hard in dancing. She has loved it and did such a great job at recital. She was all smiles and you could tell that she loved performing. She wasn't the best, but she shined and I loved watching her. So, we have pre-registered her so we can continue dance this fall. Who knows...she may change her mind and decide not to, but for now, she is all about dance!

Ava, Edie, and Jenna

Ava, Jenna, and Lindsey

The whole dance crew

Ava onstage

Ava was very proud of her ribbon

Harrison was worn out after the show.