Tuesday, January 11, 2011

10 on Tuesday - Catch Up

Here is a little blog catch up on what we may have missed out on over the holidays. It was just a crazy time around here!
  1. Here are pics from Thanksgiving that I never got around to posting. This year we enjoyed eating at Nana and Pop's house. It was a nice celebration and much better than last Thanksgiving when we found out we were having to stay an extra day in the hospital instead of getting to take Harrison home.

2. The week of Christmas, Ava's dance class invited the families in to watch a mid-year review. The kids had been practicing for weeks and weeks. True to Ava style, she pretty much did her own thing. In fact, my mom and I watched the video last week and I thought we were going to die laughing. Ava is at least a beat or 2 behind everyone if she even does the motion at all.

3. Right before Christmas break, Ava's preschool classes sang two songs at the school Christmas program. Ava was super cute to watch and I loved hearing her practice beforehand.

Just for the record, she was singing that Santa Claus had a cherry nose....

4. Sickness update - We seem to be on the mend at our house with all of the ailments we have had. The kids both go back to the dr this week for rechecks. I hope this mess is on its way out!

5. Ava got her progress report from school last week. She has mastered all areas guessed it; following classroom rules. Her teacher even noted that her letter-sound correspondence was amazing!

6. Harrison - This boy loves to eat. In fact, until recently he LOVED to eat peanut butter. However, the other night after eating some, his eyes turned red, his face swelled, and he developed hives. I am afraid that we may have a peanut allergy that has developed. We are going to talk to the dr about it at this week's checkup.

7. Project Life - Last year in February, I bought a Project Life kit. You can check out more info about these at . The basic premise is to document your life with a photo a day for a year. I did well for the first month last year, but since it took so long for me to get my kit, I faltered with getting it in place. This year, I am on the ball. We are a week in and I hope I can keep it up. I will post some pics later.

8. Harrison - He isn't the book lover that Ava was at this age. He is just too busy to sit still, but he is captivated by touchy feely books. He loves books that you can rub and feel all of the different textures. He has a favorite right now, Curly's Friend, and he flips through it a lot.

9. Ava - still loving Fancy Nancy. We read and reread Fancy Nancy books and she loves the Fancy Nancy doll that Grammy and Gramps got her for Christmas.

10. Netflix -I am on my 1 month trial and loving it. We have done Netflix before, but I found it hard to watch and return the DVD's quickly enough to make it worthwhile. Now that I have my school ipad, we can stream instantly and I love using it. Ava even watched things on it and loves it. And I will admit that my latest obsession is the show "Friday Night Lights." Bradley makes fun of me, but I LOVE it!