Sunday, July 10, 2011

The End of Swim Lessons

On the last day of swim lessons the culminating activity was going down the water slide. Ava was jazzed all week until it came time to actually slide. She ended up going down 3 times, but would hold onto the sides and just barely scoot down. Her teacher had told me that she would let Harrison go down too, so I had him ready in his swimmie and trucks. At the very end it was his turn. Once he realized what it was he had a freak out, and me being the excellent mother that I am, I pushed him on down. In my defense, I told them to catch him before he went under, because I did have the option of them letting him go all the way in. ;) He cried and cried, but not as much as Ava when I tried to get her to go down one last time!

The lessons ended up being a great success and Ava even went to a pool party and got in by herself (a definite improvement from last year).

Harrison preparing for his trip.
If you can, open this picture in a new window so you can see Harrison's face. Love it! :)

Super screaming mad boy. :(

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