Saturday, July 09, 2011

4th of July at Nana and Pop's

On the 4th we went to Nana and Pop's for our usual 4th of July food and celebration. My brother, Nick, was visiting so he came along with us. As usual the food was great and we had a very enjoyable time. We didn't go out to the fireworks show this year but opted to stay at home and do sparklers with the kids instead of fighting the crowd. It was a good decision, but I think Ava really missed the fireworks.

Ava was excited. but nervous about the sparklers. She started off very scared, but by the end she couldn't get enough. Harrison was more hesitant, but seemed to enjoy it. This is one of my favorite things we do every year. I love trying to make designs turn out using the sparklers. After that, out 4th is complete.

Loving on my cheesy boy.

Harrison loves loving on his cousin, Liam.

Harrison and Pop


Aunt Tiffy and Liam

The kids and Pop on the hammock

Aunt Bethany and Liam

Mommy and Ava

Nana and Ava


Mommy and Harrison

Ava ana Pop


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