Sunday, July 03, 2011

Visiting with the Great-Grandmothers in KY

On our way back home from Indiana we had enough time while waiting for my mom to get off work that we got to stop by and visit with both Great-Grandmothers (My grandmas). Ava and Harrison loved playing with Mammaw's dog, Poncho, and then Trayton and Libby were able to meet us at Nanny's for a little visit.

It was nice to get to visit with everyone because we are usually so rushed that we never make the rounds, but on this day, everything worked out and we had a great visit with each of them. It is a great thing to be able to see my children with their great-grandmothers and I am happy to be able to spend that time with them. Sometimes living away from home it is rush, rush, rush to see everyone when in town for just a few hours, but I was so happy we got to see them all this time.

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