Sunday, July 03, 2011

A Visit to the Zoo

While in Indiana we had to go to the zoo. Of course Ava loves going, and I knew Harrison would too, especially since he is big enough now to understand that he is seeing animals (even if he calls all of them dog or cat). A couple of years ago, we went on the hottest day of the year and it was hot that it was miserable. This year we went on a day that was about 80 degrees and breezy. We got hot pushing the strollers, but it was a perfect day to go.

Both Ava and Harrison were excited about the stroller we rented which looked like a Jeep. Since Bo and I carry so many bags, this was perfect for us because we used Harrison's stroller to carry the bags, and the Jeep stroller for the kids. I was happy we decided to rent one because as soon as Harrison saw them, he yelled "Truck!" and ran and jumped in.

We saw most of the animals this year which included the peacocks. Ava said that one of the boy peacocks was sad because he didn't have a wife. He was working on impressing the ladies with his giant tail, but I don't know how well that was working out for him.

The one animal that is really sticking out for Ava this year is the cockroach. They had some of the large, hissing cockroaches and they were eating apples. She has talked about that several times. Such a joy to her her recap. Yuck!

I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked, but we definitely enjoyed the visit and being in the moment and I know the kids loved it too!

You can check out the pics from last time HERE-Zoo Trip 2009. I loved the pics of Ava last time in front of the bat. We recreated that here with her and Harrison. It is hard to believe how much she has grown!

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