Friday, September 09, 2011

Beautiful Weather

I am so glad that the heat has finally broke for a while and cooler temps are here. In the south the humidity is just killer and last week and the first part of the weekend were atrocious. I was so happy on Monday when we woke up to cooler weather and nice breezes (maybe a little too much breezes at times!). To celebrate what we hope is the beginning of cooler fall-like weather, the kids and I went outside a couple of times on Monday (Labor Day).

In fact, when we got outside the first time, Harrison shivered and said, "Oo, Cold!" It was a little chilly, but they had fun playing and getting some energy out. I dragged the camera out and took some pics (since I have been an epic failure at that lately!) and we just enjoyed some time outside.

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  1. Anonymous10:00 AM

    Sorry to hear you have had so much sickness at your house lately, but apparently it has hit lots and lots of families! If I had been in Newbern I wouldn't have been any help to you, as I have been sick, too. We haven't had the same illnesses, but we've still been "down and out"! Bethany stayed home from work Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to take care of Liam and me, and she made a very good nurse for Nana! :)
    I am much better today, so she went back to work this morning.
    Hope Ava and Harrison are both feeling better by now. Please tell them I am thinking about them, and I love them very much. Don't know when we'll be home for another visit, but it shouldn't be too long. Joe told me about Harrison looking out the dining room window and saying, "Nana's gone". That's so sad! Ava understands where I am, but Harrison just knows I'm gone. :(
    Joe should be here late this afternoon for a visit, and I'm looking forward to having him here a few days.
    Liam is growing so fast!!! When I hold him, he doesn't even feel like a baby anymore. He feels more like a toddler! He doesn't have fat cheeks, but he really is a big boy! Bethany has decided to start him on rice cereal when he's five months old, and that's not far away!He has lost nearly all of his top hair now, as well as some of the back hair, and from a distance, he looks as if he has no hair left up there, but that really isn't true. He still has some of the original strands up there, and he has lots of new hair growing in, but it is so light it's hard to see unless you are close to him. Bethany and I think he might have strawberry blonde hair coming in. I really see Bethany in him a lot now. He gets expressions on his face that look like her baby pictures, and since Bethany and Bradley looked so much alike, I also see Bradley in him. He is a good baby, as were Ava and Harrison, but he is teething, and that makes him uncomfortable at times. Thank goodness for Baby Orajel. At first, the taste of it made him shudder, but now he just holds that little mouth open and lets us rub it on his gums. He has found his squealing voice, too! When he "talks" now, it usually includes lots of high-pitched squealing!
    Love all the pictures. I, too, am looking forward to some cooler weather, but I didn't get to enjoy the cooler temps earlier this week, as I was in bed.
    Liam is beginning to squirm, so I'll close for this time.
    Love to all,


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