Thursday, September 08, 2011

The Last Two Days

The last two days have consisted of two trips to the pediatrician. The first one was made yesterday when Bradley took Ava. Turns out she has a raging case of strep throat. Then last night before bed, Bradley randomly checks Harrison's temp. Low-grade fever. Yippee.

He woke up early this morning and I held him and gave him tylenol and he went back to sleep. I ended up staying home with both he and Ava and we once again made a trip to the doctor. His strep test was negative, but he was checked for a virus and was negative, so the doctor felt that his strep was just in such an early stage that it was not showing positive on the test.

So I now have two puny kids on antibiotics. :( Bradley and I both agree that we are super tired of being sick! I just want to have a few months of everybody being well with no sniffles, coughs, ear aches, or tummy troubles.

I took some time to download some pictures today. I haven't downloaded since Ava's birthday! What a slacker! It has just been so sweltering hot and of course, the sickies that have constantly invaded our house! Maybe we will be on the mend and the blog can get some updating every once in a while!

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