Sunday, March 02, 2014

Softball Season Begins

Ava has decided that this year she wants to play softball. Bradley has no doubt waited for this for years. ;) In fact, he has been asked to be head coach and I am looking forward to someone else in the family being in charge of an extracurricular activity for once. ;)

So Friday night, we headed out to get some necessities for softball. Of course she needed a glove and cleats. Next on the list is a helmet and bat.

Yesterday they had "try-outs" and Bradley said that she did well. They practiced yesterday afternoon and she is actually sore today. She is catching on, but in true Ava fashion she wants to be awesome from the start, and has a hard time taking instruction.

I wonder how many gray hairs Bradley will have at the end of this venture. :)

Ready for the try outs


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