Monday, August 27, 2007

Keeping us busy

As you can see from Ava's videos, she is really keeping us busy. She is constantly on the go and into everything. Her newest thing us running with her eyes shut. So far, she has ran into the couch, the wall, and the aquarium, which sadly was taken down last night and moved out to the garage. She has also started saying No when she is not happy, except it comes out as, "Non, Non," and it is so cute! She has been going into the nursery at church and playing with a couple of boys there and just having a ball. She has also been playing with one of the helpers in the nursery, an 8th grade girl who Ava is just having a ball with.

All in all, she is so much fun, but can be very frustrating. She definitely pushes the limits here. But I wouldn't trade a minute of it for anything in the world!

Here are some pics of the mischievous girl, taken by Nana when she opened her new container of puffs. This is starting to be a trend since she has done it before!

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