Sunday, August 05, 2007

Way behind...

Sorry the blogging has been so sparse lately. We have super busy getting things planned for Ava's birthday next weekend. Of course that starting back to work thing didn't help too much either. Anyway, we have been running around like crazy getting things ready for Ava's party. In the middle of our busy lives, I also discovered a new tooth of Ava's that apparently popped up last week. It is on the bottom and unlike her others which have come in pairs, this is a lone tooth for now. Of course she is becoming a pro at walking and keeping us very busy. Today we made a trip to Jackson for party supplies and birthday gifts and she ate her very first kids meal. At the Cracker Barrel she had a vegetable plate with mashed potatoes and green beans and she ate a lot of it. Anyway, I hope that explains some of our absence in blogging and maybe after Ava's birthday is over we can get back on track. Just don't expect a lot this week, we are super busy and I doubt I will have time to get online much.

These pics are from a couple of weeks ago when Ava had a runny nose and was super moody!

Have a happy, fun week and if you're coming to the party, please RSVP as soon as possible!


  1. Anonymous3:42 PM

    Can't wait for Saturday! Give our big girl a hug and kiss from Grammy and Gramps! Love, Mom

  2. Anonymous10:41 PM

    Hey Tiff,

    Sorry we won't be able to make it down for the party.I really would love nothing more but to come.I have to work and Steve has to take Brady to a thing for football on Sat morning,plus Bradys birthday is Sunday.He will be 10.I hope she has a wonderful time. We miss you!!!

    Love to all,



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