Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Doing Big Girl Things

Golly, Ava is just getting too big for her little britches and boy does she want to be the center of attention. Tonight as we were watching Pushing Daisies (one of my new favorite shows), Bradley said, "What is it between the hours of 7 and 8 that makes Ava so annoying?" She's just an attention hound and wants us to keep our eyes glued to her. It is funny, but exhausting and annoying at times. She is just such an attention hound.

Yesterday I came home from school and this is what greeted me when I walked in. Talk about big girl! She is climbing on everything and just a monkey.

Before I left for school yesterday morning I kissed Ava and Said, "I love you," and without taking her eyes off Dora, she said, "Wuv Ew." My cup runneth over. Such a sweet thing to hear. She's throwing kisses, pestering the dog, and just changing constantly. That is the only thing that is constant is the change. She also knows that shoes go on the feet and is constantly trying to put her foot in any shoe that she finds and she is very unsuccessful. The other night she got ahold of her boots and cried until I put them on. They didn't stay on, but she wore them for a little while.

On Saturday we did our first successful coloring and held off on eating a crayon until the very end. Poor yellow, he didn't fare very well. Speaking of yellow and colors, on Noggin instead of commercials they run these little education segments that feature Moose and Zee (a bird). They have one that involves a pattern of blue and yellow buses. They run it several times a day and the other day when Moose asked what came next, Ava said "boo" and it was time for a blue bus. She does it every time it comes on. Now I know she is just repeating what she has heard a zillion times, but man my baby is a genius!

Bradley made the comment tonight that he is ready for Ava to get to the stage where she is just so tired she lays down in the floor and goes to sleep. I said, "Honey she did that on Sunday."

Anyway, as you can see our Little Ava is growing like a weed. Have a great rest of the week and if I get a chance I will post some eating pics tomorrow!

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