Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ava News

Ava had her 15 month checkup today with her doctor. She weighed in at 23 pounds and is 31 inches tall. Everything looked great and the doctor was pleased with how well she is doing. She got 2 yucky shots today; measles and the first round of flu shot. She goes back next month for round 2 of the flu and then next year it will just be 1 flu shot. She was not very good during her visit and cried every time one of the nurses or doctor tried to touch her. But we survived to tell about it and maybe next time she won't be as scared (doubt it).

What Ava's doing now:

  • Dancing, Dancing, Dancing - This little girl loves to sway to the music, especially fast songs and she even tries to sing along.

  • Sharing - She loves sharing her food with Squiggles.

  • Kissing - She loves giving kisses and gives them to every object she comes in contact with.

  • Talking on the phone - Every object Ava picks up is a telephone. Yesterday I gave her a slice of cheese and she stuck it to her ear and said, "L-O"

  • Mimicking - she mimics the words you say to her and says them back in a funny way.

Ava speak:

  • "Ommy" - Mommy

  • Daddy

  • Cat

  • "Uppy" - Puppy

  • Little Bill

  • Cereal

  • "Oo-bye" - Goodbye

  • No! - self explanatory

  • "Y-Okay" - Are you okay? Learned from Nana

  • Apple

  • "Cacker" - Cracker

  • Basically something new every day and I know I left some off.

So we are doing good and gearing up for the holidays. This weekend we have plans to put up the trees and start the Christmas decorating. Can't believe a week from today is Thanksgiving. Hopefully I can squeeze in a little photo shoot with out little turkey. Until next time, have a great weekend!

Wearing Nana's coat.

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  1. Love the pic of you and Ava!


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