Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Book Fair was in town!

I love it when the book fair comes to school. For me, it rates right up there with getting the new Scholastic order forms every month. (Sidenote- I don't think I ever thanked my mom and dad for enrolling me in the Scholastic reading program one summer and having books delivered to the house throughout the summer. I loved that and it was really fantastic!) I can remember growing up and getting so excited when it was book fair time at school. It is no exception nowadays. I still love the book fair, especially since our librarian caters to all ages in an effort to include teachers' kids. This time books were 50% off and I racked up some great books for $25. Ava got several books and I got a new Rachael Ray cookbook and a ghost story that I enjoyed when I was in middle school. Additions to Ava's library were:

Goodnight Gorilla

Alice the Fairy (this one is funny!)

The Wheels on the School Bus


When Sophie Gets Angry, Really, Really Angry

We have already spent a lot of time reading and Ava loves books. Here are some pics to celebrate the book fair and Ava's love of reading.

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