Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Really Bummed about Idol...

I am so bummed that Carly got voted off tonight. Yeah, I thought she was a little fakey the way she would cover up her tattoos anytime it was performance night, but sport them on results night, but still, I enjoyed her. Guess I shouldn't complain too much since I didn't get off my tail and vote, but for goodness sake, who is still voting for Jason Castro?


  1. Anonymous5:08 PM

    I am upset too Tiffany.My guy is David Cook and I really thought Carly and David A would be the top 3. I thought she did an awesome job.Jason Castro sucks.He needs to be on some Sesame Street or blues Clues.I don't know if he could even keep an audience of 2 yr olds.
    I voted for David Cook like 75 times.


  2. Anonymous9:39 AM

    I can't stand Jason Castro either. Carly was good. Nick said she was hot and he likes her tatoos. I don't like the song she did, but she performed it very well. Sometimes it's just not fair. It's a popularity contest. Grammy


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