Friday, May 16, 2008

Ava's Fist Haircut

Yesterday Nana and I took Ava for her very first haircut. Her hair is not that long, but it has been growing in so crazy that I decided it was time for a little trim. I have been told by several people that a baby's first haircut gives the hair some encouragement to grow in thicker and not so baby fine. Ava's hair is growing and looks a little curly, but it has gotten so scraggly. I was completely prepared for the hysterics of the first haircut. Armed with my camera and camcorder, I was prepared to get some awesome crying pictures (anyone remember the Easter Bunny?) and just knew we were in for trouble. How surprised was I when my little girl got up in the chair and was calm as she could be. Very surprised I tell you! Of course, Laura bribed her with a sucker, which confused Ava because she couldn't decide how to eat it! Anyway, she did a fantastic job of not fussing and just took that haircut and even got a new hairbrush as a reward. Man, my baby is growing up...

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