Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Day in the Life of Ava - 6/16/08

Here is a little timeline of a day in our life. I did this last Monday and just jotted down and took pictures of the little things that occupy our day.

9:30 Ava wakes up, but lays in bed for a few minutes singing Mickey Mouse Clubhouse songs and talking.

9:45 I get Ava up out of bed.

10:00 Ava sits on the potty. And she just sits on the potty.

10:15 Strawberry milk and grapes for breakfast. Ava usually has oatmeal, but since it's so late we just do a lite breakfast. (The other picture is just a close up of her cute pj's that say, "I want to be a Fairy Princess when I grow up...")

10:40 I put a roast in the crockpot for supper.

10:45 Ava colors and munches on grapes.

11:00 As I am doing laundry, Ava gets out some DVD's and wants to watch the "penguins." (Happy Feet)

11:36 Ava crawls up on the couch for a little snuggling and to look at my 'teeth.'

11:52 Potty time again. No success.

12:01 I cut Ava's fingernails and toenails.

12:09 Ava eats lunch of ravioli and baby peas

12:28 Ava tells me she has to go potty but when we get there she does nothing.

1:00 Ava puts on her shoes and says, "Outside Mommy."

1:15 We get dressed and go play outside.

1:40 We come back inside because it is very, very hot and even Ava is ready to go in.

2:20 We finish the movie Happy Feet and Ava gets in her playpen to lay down and watch 'Mrs. Spider's Sunny Patch.'

3:00 Ava gets out of the playpen and plays with her Candyland shapes (we are working on shapes and colors.)

3:25 Juice and a snack. Ava has asked for 'Mermaids' which are Dora fruit chews.

5:30 goes to Potty and sits on potty

6:05 Ava has suspicious brown stuff on feet, but it turns out it is not poop, but chocolate pudding.

6:30 Ava does some more coloring and watches 'Go Diego Go.' Also does a little playing with Barbie.

6:50 Ava plays a little in the kitchen and then she falls off the bottom stair. She does a lot of crying and has a bog knot on her head.

7:00 Daddy comes home.

7:15 Eat supper.

8:00 Just hanging out as a family and watching TV.

8:45 Ava takes a bath.

9:15 Ava goes to bed after a little fit and a look at a book.


  1. Anonymous4:02 PM

    I love this idea! Wish I could see a photo spread with commentary on EVERY day of Ava's life! I see our gal is finally able to wear one of the things we brought her back from Cozumel in January, 2007!!!! They just didn't make things for LITTLE girls for tourists to buy! I'm glad she at least grew into it during the right season to wear it!
    I'm still enjoying looking back at Ava's pictures from Memorial Day last year. That little face still looks basically the same, but the rest of her surely doesn't. And it's hard to believe how much hair she has now, compared to then!
    Love that girl! :)

  2. Anonymous2:16 PM

    Love that morning GRIN! Busy little girl, but even busier Mommy! :-)

    Love, Aunt Bethany

  3. Anonymous4:41 PM

    My favorite is the first picture of her sitting on the potty. Love the expression on her face. Grammy


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