Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's About Time - Ava's Chuck E. Cheese Party

Sorry it has taken me so long to get around to posting these pictures. It seems like forever since Ava's birthday, but in reality it has only been a couple of weeks.

This year we decided to do Chuck E. Cheese for Ava's birthday. In my experiences with Chuck E. Cheese, I have been to none other than the one in Paducah, KY which was like Disney World compared to the one we went to in Jackson. It was an okay one, but there just wasn't much for smaller ones to do and there weren't as many games as the one in Paducah so I was a little disappointed. But that was just me, because Ava was very overwhelmed with everything. She was scared when we first got there, especially of the big Chuck E. that was singing, but after a little while she warmed up. Her favorite games were the ones that involved riding in cars. She loved riding with Chuck E. and she loved this jeep ride. This was much to Bradley's dismay because those rides don't give you tickets. She even loved skee ball, but did you know that if your skee ball alley senses weight at the top, it shuts down? Ava wasn't good about rolling the balls up the ramp, so I set her on it and let her walk the balls up there. It senses her weight and just shut down. She didn't mind though, she just kept putting them in. Finally towards the end of the night she got enough courage to try the big slide and we both climbed through the tunnels to slide down.

While I know it is not a night Ava will recall down the road, it will still be with me. My little girl's first experience at Chuck E. Cheese. On the way home, our car loaded down with boxes of pizzas and leftover cake, Ava kept saying, "Jesus Cake." It took us a while to realize she was seeing the box of pizza and cake and saying "Cheese's Cake." Funny girl!
*This first photo was our pancake breakfast on the morning of her birthday.


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