Monday, September 22, 2008

Depot Days 2008

Depot Days started out soggy and rainy, but eventually cleared off into a beautiful day. We got up early to attend the pancake breakfast and just made it into Mom's before the rain started. There is just something about these pancakes that I look forward to every year. They have just a hint of vanilla and they are my favorite pancakes in the world. Joe helps cook them every year and says it is just a mix, but goodness, I love them!

Since it was raining we headed home to wait out the rain and hope for clearer skies. There is typically a parade, but with the rain it was cancelled. But then it was back on and we watched a parade that consisted of a cop car, a golf cart, two trucks, a 4 wheeler, a million tractors, and 3 motorcycles. Ava did enjoy the tractors and loved holding the umbrella while we watched it.

Finally the clouds cleared a little and though it was still sprinkling, we decided to go downtown. I was pleasantly surprised about the amount of things to do because there seemed to be more geared to younger kids than last year. Ava enjoyed the duck pond, Daddy throwing darts, a basketball game, visiting with a pirate, and riding the tractor. Our church had a booth this year and we stayed there for a little while visiting. We even did the cake walk, but we didn't win. After a quick trip to the library we headed home.

Even though it is a small town festival, Depot Days is an event that I look forward to all year long. I love the sense of community it brings out here in Newbern. It is great to see so many people out supporting our town.

Even though he gave her a gold coin, she is still not too sure about him!

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    You look so much alike, especially in your brown shirts and denim. Tiffy, where's your monkey backpack???


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