Monday, September 15, 2008

We're Glad that Ike is Gone!

Whew! What a windstorm! I am so glad that Ike has moved on out of here. He woke me up yesterday morning with horrible winds and things being blown all around the house. I couldn't even go back to sleep because of the racket. True to form, Bradley was glued to the TV watching all the coverage and keeping an eye on the storm. We lost power 4 times but just for a few seconds each time. We also had a lot of limbs down in our yard and things that had blown into the yard.

I know we had it much easier than a lot of people, it was just so unexpected for us to see that kind of wind from a hurricane all the way up here. Usually we get some rain and then it has passed and you never really knew it was leftovers from a hurricane.

I am thankful for this cool weather we are having now. I don't know if it is in relation to the hurricane or if we were expecting cool weather already, but it feels so chilly outside and now we have some great weather to enjoy in the afternoons. With that said, here are some pictures that Nana took of Ava last week. It was sweltering hot and they had been outside when Ava decided to play in Pop's hat. What a sweaty girl!

Also, if you check out the right hand column, I have finally got Twitter working. I can send little updates about what is happening on my cell phone. So you can check there and see what little tidbits we are up to!

And because I thought this was funny, I found it for you. Here is one of the images that had me laughing on the news the other night. Even when the situation is bad, I love when people put a twist of humor on it.

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