Friday, October 03, 2008

Too Much TV... and other stuff

Since the fall TV season is in full swing, much of my time has been spent watching all my new shows and catching up with those ones that I call dear old friends. I have been super busy this week taking a ton of pictures of Ava so you can expect some new pictures popping up. This was our last week at school before Fall Break, so I am glad to have the next two weeks off. I love having these breaks every 9 weeks to get refreshed and powered up.

I am happy that it is October (my favorite month) and I am looking forward to some fun activities with Ava. Be on the lookout this month for some fun Halloween and Fall stuff. I am about to head to bed, but here are some recent photos of Ava. She loves playing with her dolls and covering them with "Blank-e-lets." She also thinks that bibs make good blankelets and will have them all over the house.

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  1. this is just too cute! can't wait to see your fall and halloween pics! i enjoy them every year. :-D


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