Tuesday, November 18, 2008

10 on Tuesday

Here are some recent quotes and observations from our house.
  1. Over the past week, we have watched The Wizard of Oz twice at our house. Well, okay, not the whole thing, but bits and pieces both times. So the 2nd time around, we just popped in the DVD to catch up to where we had left off the night before (it was playing on TBS). As we watched, Bradley and I reminisced about how we would watch it as kids and Bradley shared his opinion that it is a travesty that TWOZ does not come on basic channels anymore and someone would have to pay for cable to get to watch it. He thinks there are kids out there who will never get to see it because of that reason.

  2. The cartoon version of How the Grinch Stole Christmas is also playing. We recorded it and as we watched it, we laughed at how the little dog in it reminds us of Squiggles.

  3. We are really hoping to get to go to Disney in March if money allows us. We have been so busy talking and dreaming about going that last night we decided to start watching our tapes from our 2003 trip. What memories! This is Ava's first time watching the tapes and if her excitement when we get there is even a fraction of the excitement watching those tapes, we are in for an AWESOME trip! She was in awe over everything on tape and dancing like a fiend!

  4. On Saturday we were heading to a spaghetti lunch at church, and Ava had on this cute dog sweater. She actually let me take a few pictures of her. Amazing, I know! You guys are in shock....I understand.

  1. Not sure if I have ever mentioned this here, but Ava is terrified of the vacuum cleaner. Bradley's family calls it a sweeper and so does Ava. She will come in and say, "Sweeper gonna get me!" If we don't want her to head into the back of the house (which she can do now since she can open doors), we simply set the vacuum between the two doors and she doesn't dare step foot back there.

  2. Ava is now in a size 3T. Just wanted to toss that out there in case any of you all were planning on buying her clothes for Christmas. She could definitely use more dressy/church clothes since she has already outgrown everything! She has a long torso that makes her shirts too short.

  3. If you have a blog, you can go to this site and create a word cloud that contains words from your blog. Here is a word cloud from our blog:

8. The other night at Wal-Mart, Ava was acting up so Bradley took her down the vacuum cleaner aisle. She was much calmer after that. (See #5)

9. This morning on my way to school we passed a dog and Ava said, "Look Mommy, It's Wishbone!" I had no idea she knew who Wishbone was, but I was mistaken! (He's a dog on PBS)

10. Ava hates wearing shoes and socks. It is usually one of the first things she takes off when she comes into the house.


  1. OMG, these pictures are soooo good!!!! She is such a doll!!! :-D

  2. Anonymous3:30 PM

    I remember how much you loved to watch TWOZ. You can get it on DVD, so tell Brad that you don't have to have cable to watch it. Love the new pics of Ava. Grammy


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