Saturday, January 10, 2009

Why you should always have a camera with you...

Yesterday as I was driving to a photo shoot I came so very super close to hitting what I thought was a deer. I saw the animal running towards the car and I tried to stop (Thank God no one was behind me) and once I did the animal came just inches from the car. I thought it was a deer at first, but once I got a better look, I realized it was a runaway horse! It was so crazy to see a horse running down the sidewalk. I just sat stopped in the road with a horse standing in front of my car. Apparently the police had been called because a few seconds after I came to a stop, the cops pulled down the road. I suppose one cop may have thought he was the horse whisperer because he tried to get out and flag down the horse. Well, didn't work, so the horse takes off running and the cops go in pursuit. The horse is just sauntering down the road and the cop is driving along beside him. Traffic is stopped everywhere, and I am directly behind the cop. So I just follow behind. Eventually another cop joins in pursuit and the two try to run the horse off into a yard. He stops for a minute and at this point, I realize no one is going to believe this. But aha! I have my camera so I take decided to go a little paparazzi and take some photos. Thank God I had my camera! Eventually it takes 3 cop cars, 2-3 miles of running, lots of backed-up traffic, and a million rubber-neckers before the horse runs into a trailer park. Yep, the horse went running into the trailer park. Now that is funny in itself, but what took the cake was the hearse driver who had pulled into the trailer park and was attempting to flag the horse down. Did he think that horse was getting in a hearse? I think not! It was just such a surreal thing to happen and I was in the middle of it all. It was entertaining and I had to share it with you.

P.S. I apologize that the pictures are bright, but as you are driving in a car and snapping, you get what you get.

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  1. How funny! You would end up in a situation like this.


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