Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day Pageant

All week long my friend Stacy has been onto me to put Ava in a pageant that the Junior class from school was sponsoring. I had kept saying no because of this pageant last time - and because earlier last week Ava had said, "I no want to do a pageant, Mommy." (This was said after an emotional episode of the TLC show Toddlers and Tiaras) So I stopped there. But Stacy was no quitter and she called me a little before 10 and wanted Ava to be in the pageant, but she had to be there by 10:45. Now at this time, Ava hadn't bathed and I had just showered. I asked Ava if she wanted to go to the pageant and she agreed because she wanted to see JonThomas who was helping with the trophies and crowns. So in a little over 20 minutes, we bathed Ava and got her ready, I got ready, and I even printed off a picture for the Miss Photogenic pageant. It was very rushed, but we made it with a few minutes to spare. Since we hadn't talked about it, I just told Ava when she was onstage to smile, and just have fun.

So this time around, Ava got to be escorted on stage by JonThomas and she did great. She smiled at the judges, but was more interested in the balloons than the judges. She was hilarious. Her is a rundown of her announcement.

"Contestant Number 2 is Ava Rogers. Her favorite food is chicken nuggets (?) and her favorite color is red. She enjoys singing, dancing, and coloring. She is described as silly, funny, and high-strung. Her future goals include learning to use the potty."

Yeah that is totally what I wrote and I got a kick out of it! The second time she went out, she went out with a fellow teacher who told the little girls to blow kisses to the judges, which Ava did while proceeding to very loudly tell the judges, "I blow you kisses!" It was hilarious. She stole the show. All she cared about was the balloons!

In the end, she won Most Photogenic, Best Smile, Best Hair, and 1st Maid. She received some certificates and a trophy which she loved. Best of all for her, she got a balloon (which she popped a few minutes after we got home). It was so funny because all Ava wanted was a balloon and all the winner wanted was a trophy. She didn't want the crown she just wanted a trophy! It was cute.

But for us, I don't anticipate this being something we do very much. I did this one to support the school, but in my heart, I know my little girl is the most beautiful and I don't need someone to tell me that. I did this for fun and Ava enjoyed herself and had fun with JT and that is what mattered. Oh, and that she got her balloon too!

Special thanks to Jonathan for taking these pictures and Stacy for doing video. Since this was so rushed and last minute, we didn't have any family with us. Bradley and his dad were working on cutting some limbs in our yard, so it was just Ava and I. I appreciate them documenting this for us!

See, she wanted balloons!

Look closely at Ava, she is blowing kisses.

And back to the balloons. (Her back is obvously on the judges too much! LOL!)


  1. Anonymous9:32 AM

    I knew that dress was going to come in handy!!!!!!
    Congratulations, Princess Ava!
    Love, Aunt Bethany

  2. she is beautiful....congrats!


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