Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day Wrap-Up

Bradley, Ava, and I did a little bit of early Valentine's Day celebrating on Friday night. We went into town and headed to the bookstore where I picked up a couple of magazines, Ava got a Disney Princess magazine, and I also got a book (Revolutionary Road). We were planning to eat first, but the restaurants were so busy that we browsed at the bookstore for a little while. Since it was Valentine's Day Bradley let me choose the restaurant, so Mexican food it was and we went to eat at Los Portales.

On Saturday, we got up and at the last minute did the Miss Sweetheart pageant and for the rest of the day, we enjoyed a low key time of just togetherness. Ava had a few Valentines (Thanks Aunt Bethy and Nana and Pop) to open and a box of Garfield chocolates from us. We had made cupcakes on Thursday night for my classes at school and Ava enjoyed one of those for lunch. We also made cookies and just hung out. Ava's Valentine gift from us ended up being a copy of the movie "A Bug's Life." (We're trying to cram all the Disney in that we can because we leave in less than a month!)

So, it was a pretty uneventful, but enjoyable weekend. Just our little family enjoying each other and hanging out. Right now my little Valentine is laying in her bed reading to herself and trying to postpone the nap that she doesn't want to take. It's little moments like this that I want to savor and remember forever.

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  1. Anonymous4:58 PM

    Looks like you all had a fun-filled Valentines Day!!!! We had a wonderful Anniversary(11)yrs.Steve took me to Pattis Sat night.I got roses,earrings,chocolate,a bath and body works set,and a new nightgown.So, I guess I racked up pretty good for an old married lady,huh?Ava looks adorable helping Mommy bake.

    Love ya,



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