Monday, May 25, 2009

10 on Tuesday...Ava Funnies

10 on Tuesday ... Ava Funnies Edition...
*FYI* Our computer is in the shop so I am posting from my school laptop. My pics won't be as big and I pray that the movies show up!

1. The other day we were outside and Ava kept saying she wanted some "Engle Lines." Bradley and I were so confused and had no idea what she was talking about. When I said, show me, she went out into the yard and picked a "Dandelion."

2. Ava and I have been crafting in my scrapbooking room. She has a little basket of craft stuff like paper, crayons, and stickers that she gets out and decorates. Yesterday I had went upstairs and she was downstairs with Daddy (or supposed to be). I knew it was awfully quiet and when she heard me coming downstairs she ran from the craft room and said, "It's okay Momma, it's just glue!" WHAT!?!?!?!? She had gotten into my stuff and proceeded to decorate her own scrapbook picture with glue and buttons! What a crafter!

3. Ava kept talking about this thing she called "The Mask" after we left Disney World. When we were watching our videos she saw the Spectromagic parade (which she can't get enough of) and pointed out the mask to us. The mask is actually Chernobog from the movie Fantasia. The first video shows the footage Bradley filmed of it at the actual parade. It is like a volcano that shoots out smoke and then opens up to reveal this demon type thing. For a while Ava would actually cry about it and act very scared. Now it has become more like a joke and she will actually cloke herself in a blanket and reenact the mask scene, complete with music.

Here she is describing the mask:

4. Here is a nice photo of the cave baby hair. I have just been trying to keep her hair off of her face and out of the sore on the side of it. Needless to say, it is not always an attractive look.

5. The other night Ava was in the craft room and she kept crying for her "Rah Rah." I had no idea what that was until I picked her up and she showed me. It was an old pom-pom that she had gotten at a football game. She loves to play cheerleader with her "Rah Rah."

6. This child eats green peppers like they are apples. She is satisfied to just wash it and eat it whole!

7. Saturday we were going to town to buy plants for the garden. I had put a little barette in Ava's hair to hold it back, but she also wanted her headband. It was an interesting look that prompted Bradley to give her the new nickname of "Baby Jane Fonda."

Well I guess I am all out of funnies, so here are a couple of other tidbits.

8. Ava's Dr called this morning and said her culture came back negative for Staph and Strep. They weren't sure what the blisters were, but keep her on antibiotics and watch for more.

9. We finally got our garden planted and Ava had a time helping. I will be posting some pictures of her playing in the dirt later.

10. 5 and 1/2 more days of school and then several days of inservice! YAY!

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