Tuesday, August 25, 2009

10 on Tuesday

    1. On Monday I went in for my gestational diabetes screening. This is the test where you fast and then drink a yucky drink to test blood sugar. I failed, so I have to go back on Monday for an all day test. I really don’t want this test to come back bad, so please remember me and little Cletus the Fetus in your prayers that the test will come back okay.

2. For those who have asked, we are still not finished with Ava’s room or the baby’s nursery. We really need to work on that!

3. Last week Ava went to the doctor for her 3 year check-up. She did well and weighed 34 pounds and was 36 and ¾ inches tall.

4. At Ava’s doctor visit, her doctor told me that there was no reason that Ava should not be potty trained already. She said that Ava was smart and on track developmentally so we needed to step it up in the potty training. So we have switched away from pull-ups and she only wears panties (except at naptimes and bedtimes) and has been doing well. Peeing in the potty is almost down, but so far we have still not pooped in the potty.

5. We are loving our garden. Since the weather cooled some, it has taken off. We have enjoyed lots of cucumbers, had a few squash, some eggplants, and Ava LOVES the cherry tomatoes.

6. Perhaps when you are 26 weeks pregnant, you should not try to squeeze into a t-shirt that your mother got you when you were a junior in high school. It’s going to end badly!
7. For some reason, Ava absolutely loves to run through the water hose, but refuses to take a shower. It seems to me they are about the same.

8. Mosquito Bites (aka “Peskito Bites) whelp up so bad on Ava. This weekend she looked like a Dalmatian with all of her spots. The worst ones were on her fingers and this is what I got when I said, “Show me your mosquito bites.” This picture makes me laugh…
9. We cashed in on the “Cash for Clunkers” and traded in the Jeep for a Chrysler Town and Country. We are now minivan drivers. Soccer moms watch out! But seriously, I love it. It drives so smoothly, the DVD player keeps Ava occupied, and all my photography stuff slips right in the back. These photos are not the greatest because it was in the garage, but you get the drift.

10. Right now I am very overwhelmed by all the things we need to do by November. I feel like we are so far behind in preparations for this baby. It seems like things are never going to come together!


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  2. I love that shirt too! Also, love the minivan.


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