Thursday, December 17, 2009

Newbern Christmas Parade - Dec 3rd

As soon as the workers came by to put the numbers in our yard Ava had a fit to watch the parade. It was all she talked about all afternoon and as soon as she saw the band out the window, all semblance of calm Ava was gone. Ava loves to watch bands and see could not contain her excitement any longer. Nana and Pop had come over to watch Harrison while we took Ava to the parade and even though Pop had brought back Sonic for everyone, Ava still couldn't eat. The excitement and promise of getting to see the band was too much.

Finally a few minutes before the parade was set to start, I took Ava over to see the band and talk with them. She got to talk with the drummers and listen to them warm up and see was on cloud 9. She carried her Little Mermaid camera and took pictures of them and just loved it.

When the parade started she took pictures of almost every float, loved getting candy, and waved at almost everyone. Her cute little voice yelling Merry Christmas at everyone was so cute. As we traditionally do, after the bands marched we headed back to our house to watch the rest of the parade and to see the last float which is always Santa. Anne had been inside with Harrison the whole time, but knew we would come get him as it got closer to time for Santa. He was passed out though and didn't even wake up as I put his reindeer fleece on him. He never even stirred as Santa and his sleigh went right by our house. After the parade we watched the remainder of it on TV and then enjoyed some cake made by a lady from church.

I don't know why, but this parade is one of the highlights of my December. I love our house's location for this reason and I was so happy that we got to see it again this year. I also love how excited Ava gets and she will talk about different aspects of the parade for weeks to come. This year's was just as much fun and just as corny as it usually is, but it is one thing I love about small town life.

Ava loving real peppermint.

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