Thursday, December 31, 2009

Picture Recap of Christmas Eve

Here are our Christmas Eve in pictures. Because we were under the weather we never made it to the Christmas Eve service at church and our usual dinner consisted of KFC and some side items I whipped up. Joe, Anne, and Bethany came over and we ate dinner and then opened presents. Ava had a great time passing out presents and opening everyone else's. These pictures are a combination of mine and Bethany's.

This is also Harrison's 1 month birthday.

Ava would open Harrison's presents and then show them to him.

Bradley was too late to get to the florist and get his mom's gift certificate so he made one using my scrapbooking supplies. My favorite part was the motto he made up, "Come buy our flowers!" Too funny!

Can you tell we love McDonald's? Ava was pumped with an Avatar toy and gift card from Aunt Bethany. It went with her new reading chair that she also got from Aunt Bethany.

And since Ava is so into making faces right now, we always have to end with silly ones. In this one you can see she is more interested in what everyone else is doing.

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  1. Anonymous6:42 PM

    Well, at least the youngest generation turned out far.



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