Sunday, January 24, 2010

Basketball Homecoming 2010

I was very honored last January when the cheerleading sponsor asked if Ava could carry the crown for Basketball Homecoming this year. Of course I spent the last year just worried sick that she would do something crazy, and Bradley has reiterated over and over that she was too little to do it. So as time had gotten closer, the sicker I got about it. Because with Ava, you just never know. I started talking to her about it a couple of weeks ago, and she informed me that she didn't want to carry the crown; she wanted to carry a glass slipper!

On Thursday Bradley brought her up to the school for a practice and I knew that if that was any indicator, we were in for some embarrassment on Friday night! However, Thursday night she practiced and took it very seriously. She was so excited about it.

Friday afternoon my mom came down and we got Ava ready for her job of carrying the crown for the "princess." But right before we had to line up, she was acting horrible. She was acting all crazy and showing me how she was going to walk, which looked ridiculous. I finally just handed her over to Stacy and went to take my place with a huge knot in my stomach.

When it was her time to come out, she did fabulous. She walked out smiling and the only problem was she didn't want to move forward enough and her little escort had to help her. She got a nice cheer from the crowd and did perfectly. I could even see her little legs shaking! At the end she received her own crown and princess coloring set. As it turns out, JT convinced her to walk out, but he and Stacy told Ava she could play the drums (with the band) if she did. So sure enough, it worked. My baby looked beautiful and made me proud!

And in true Ava fashion, I didn't get a "great" picture of her so I imagine that one day soon I will have to do a photoshoot!
(Special thanks to Joe and Anne who wanted to come watch, but stayed at our house and watched Harrison so that we could all go. We really appreciate you!)
She called the ROTC "pirates with swords."

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  1. Anonymous5:40 AM

    These pictures are cute, but they really don't do Ava justice this time! She just looked beautiful in the videos and in person! I especially like the fact that she wore her new crown and her pretty hairbow at the same time! That's our girly, girly girl! :)


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