Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Harrison at 4 months

Here is a look at Harrison at 4 months old:

  • He rolls over both ways.

  • He eats cereal 2 times a day. Rice in the morning and oatmeal in the evening.

  • He reaches out for everything he can get his hands on.

  • His hands are always sticky and almost always have pieces of my hair in them.

  • He drools constantly.

  • He loves to play with his feet.

  • He still loves baths and has now been moved to the big bathtub due to splashing.

  • He makes the sweetest grunting sounds.

  • He wears 6-9 months clothes and size 3 diapers.

  • He has tickle spots (chin, underarms) that make him laugh.

  • He is hands down the messiest eater that I have ever seen.

  • He likes to watch TV.

  • He loves to be smiled at.

  • He wakes up at 4 almost every night.

Yesterday's doctor visit shows that he weighs 18 lbs and 6 oz and is 28 inches long. Once again, he is off the chart as far as percentiles go... Big boy!

In this pic and the third one I caught him in the middle of "talking."

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